This video was created to “welcome he band as they were coming onto stage and getting set. It was created using a current marketing campaign revolving around “RE” and is shown revolving through various “RE” words that fit the theme while having a driving drum beat that the band could lead straight into their first song.

It is often a struggle for churches to keep it’s members up to date on church happenings. An eye catching video is one way to keep people in the know. This video was made to show at the beginning of each service and the announcement segment was posted weekly on social media.

Everybody has a story. A true filmmaker can bring that story to life. When Luke and Dean’na wanted to tell their story they came to me. This video is their story.

The heart of video production in the camerawork. Camerawork is an ever changing balance of technical skill and art. I posses the ability to balance these needs to create breathtaking images.

Behind the scenes of a live event is one of the most exciting places you can be. It is a fast paced, one chance, sink or swim environment. It is not a place for the faint of heart. This video is a glimpse into that world.

Sometimes simple videos are the best way to get a message across. This simple “walk and talk” video was created for a Kickstarter campaign to promote and raise funds for a travel TV show.